Child may change his/her ski equipment every year, so we have this program to rent or exchange ski equipments in order o lower down the cost.

For kids and children under 16, we may have ski, snowboard, boots, helmet, pole for rent or for sale. You can also join our program to exchange your ski equipments.

Price reference*:

Equipments Rent Buy
Boots / Skis $60 $80
Skis + Boots $90 $160
Skis + Boots + Helmet** $100 $185
Skis + Boots + Helmet + Pole $110 $200

*there maybe a small amount difference depends on the equipment quality  

**depend on availability


Equipment Information

Prefer own or rent
Ski Type
Ski Level

Physical Requirement

US Size, can adjust while rental. See this for reference

Personal Information

Please provide your name match the same name on your photo ID.

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