Telus Plan*:

$40, 3G

$60, 6G

Rogers Plan**:

$25, 1G

$35, 3G

$55, 6G


  • All of these services are provided by Phonebox.
  • All plans are unlimited Canada-wide calling & messaging, unlimited international messaging
  • *Telus: additional data is $5/100MB; **Rogers: additional data is $15/1GB
  • No activation fee; Rogers sim card fee is $10 
  • Recommend activate service between Monday to Thursday
  • Please tracking your data to prevent data overuse. Also, you can use these methods to track data: iOS and Android download “My Data Manager” or texting message “mydata” or “md” to 778-651-5153 or 647-930-0505
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please call Phonebox customer service 1-855-886-0505 or send email to
Phone Plan Options
Extra activation fee, SIM card fee, and deposit may apply. 

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